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About Us:

Quality begins by taking the time to understand our clients' businesses, and working with them to develop a marketing strategy appropriate to their objectives. We understand that each client has individual needs and we work with them, on a personal basis, in developing marketing strategies with a growth plan tailored to their specific industries. Marketing Automation Software is a leading international marketing research and marketing consulting firm committed to helping its clients achieve continuous competitive advantage through decision-focused, quality-driven marketing research, information systems, and analytic technologies. [ more ]
Marketing Automation Software:

We understand that marketing your services is a complex and time-consuming process. It takes perseverance and expertise to identify and land projects that are a good fit for your company. Marketing automation software can help you build enduring client relationships that lead to repeat work, pursue opportunities to assure you get your foot in the door, and automate the preparation of proposals with real-time information about your company’s experience, references, awards and accomplishments that will help you better target your marketing efforts and land new projects. [ more ]
Marketing Process:

The marketing process aims to deliver enhanced business profitability through improved marketing strategy and marketing plan development. Better process means less headaches, more free time, higher visibility, stronger skills for promotion, easier management, reduced duplication of effort, and individual and team rewards. This process, in turn, creates a marketing organization that's more reliable, more responsible and more able to produce high quality work on time and within budget on a regular basis. [ more ]

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